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There's plenty more where these came from. Here are a few projects we wanted to showcase...

How to Place a Pickup Order (2022)

Kroger has been our largest client to date. With several videos under our belt with Kroger alone, we feel prepared to work with any business- no matter the size. In this video, we're able to show off our talents making bold videos complete with graphics and 3D rendering. Even with more straightforward videos, we're able to inject our creativity to create a product that is both unique & that works for the client. 

Last & First Woman Trailer (2021)

Our claim to fame. This short film put us on the map. What started as a passion project for us turned into our best work yet. After getting accepted to Cannes Film Festival 2021 and receiving a number of accolades, our name was spread across a handful of magazines and publications. It continues to be the driving force behind the clients that reach out to us. 

Universal Insurance Ad (2021)

After our work with TigerTree, several small businesses contacted us to perform more and more video work. We knew that this was the beginning of ad work for us. Utilizing the experience we'd gained from filmmaking taught us to work efficiently and underbudget. This is an example of an ad where the owner contacted us to make a video and we were able to film and deliver a final product within 72 hours. It also showcases our ability to think creatively when pitching an idea rather than a tangible product. 

TigerTree Ad (2020)

Immediately after our short film run, the pandemic hit its peak. Many businesses struggled to keep up with closures and many had to close their doors for good. TigerTree, a small boutique for small gifts & trinkets, reached out to us to make a Christmas promo for them to spread on their social media. Without much of an ad background, we gave it a shot. We filmed a lot of this ad on  a 16mm film camera and dug up vintage stock footage for the rest. It turned out to have one of the highest engagements on their platform.

ACT (2020) 

With the newfound interest from the Ohio film communitywe wanted to hit the ground running with our next short film. While the previous short was very dark and avant-garde, we wanted to make something far more fast paced and approachable. Because of the short run time, this film became our calling card for a lot of businesses in the Columbus area. We also made a ton of connections and gained more than a few  essential resources.  

Secouer (2019) 

The short film that started it all. We made this film on a shoestring budget and ended up garnering a lot of attention in the Columbus film community, winning Best Ohio Short Film at FFOC '19 among several other awards and accolades. At the time, filmmaking was our only passion, but the techniques we learned from this film are carried with us to this day. 

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